Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deep Sleep

I was in a deep sleep, late at night,
I was awaken by a call with an abstract sight,
I sighed with gladness and put on the light,
I opened my album and glanced at my darling with all my heart.

I kissed, kissed, kissed and kissed the golden snap,
And gave it a cozy, candid and gentle slap,
With fingers full of romantic flowers,
Vaunting it all alone, and forgetting other pictures.

I sat in the veranda and sang some songs,
Collected and combined the love data of the hey days,
My babe must have been sitting in the dell of love,
Counting the millions of stars in the blue sky;

Dark was buried and dawn was born,
I leered at the morning dew with scorn,
Birds chanted with the name of my darling without hesitation,
I wondered who taught them its correct pronunciation!

I saw my FILLY coming from afar,
I ran amok towards her like a mad killer!
Soon we became like a kid and mother,
The kisses echoed and splashed like water!

Enchantress as she was by nature,
She longed for my hug deep in kiss!
And clung to me like a ravenous leech!
I trained her how to love-play at the beach!

She was safe from infibulations!
Far from circumcision!
Fresh from mutilation!
Virgin from violation!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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