Monday, February 15, 2010


No one has tasted sorrow as bitter as I have,
So young and fragile the cruel world and it's people introduced to me,
I learned pain even before I could say it, spell it.
I felt it, lived it, and embodied it.

No one has gone through the rollercoaster of emotions like I have.
One minute soaring through the skies with elation,
The next minute tumbling to the earth falling,
crashing into the dirt that I'm made from.

No one has experienced a greater loss than I have
While they lost their loved ones, wealth,
I lost myself. I have yet
to find again.

No one has shed more tears than I have.
Trickling down like a gushing waterfall
hitting the ground like a bursting volcano
Bitter tears just like the sorrow that caused them to flow.

No one has been hurt the way I have.
The only thing that remains with me are my damaged goods:
bruised ego,
assassinated character
and my jar of insecurities.

No one has experienced the poverty I have ,
And I'm not talking about a lack of wealth,
I'm talking about a lack of self,
My emotional bank balance has been long overdrawn,
the overdraft fees have taken a toll on my appearance,
Chained in a debt of misery
Ill never break free.

Yet through this all,
no one has ever tasted the contentment that I have

For with all of this pain I know there Is a bright day to look forward to.

Despite the world constantly knocking me to the ground I know I have a Creator to turn to.

To prostrate, adore and put my reliance upon.

My Creator and their Creator who we shall both return to.

Sometimes I experience the stormiest of days,
But I always find comfort that the rain will eventually stop and the sun will shine through the windows,
and will cover me in warmth,
a warmth and happiness that no one has ever tasted but me.

Bint Qalin
Copyright © 2010

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