Monday, February 15, 2010

When WORDS become powerful as a GUN!

The writer flips and turn words
Hoping he will tell what that really occurred
Some may agree and some may say "it's absurd"

A writer turns words into a gun
The injustice feel threatened by only this one
He who escape the justice have no other choice than to run

When words are used against the ruler
He start to act more and more colder
against everyone that could be "word-holder"

A writer tries to across border
just to observe the order
He put his life in danger instead of turning the shoulder

A real writer is the one that are objective
and open minded like a detective

In case you don't know, many writers are put under earth
by some who do not want the truth to have a birth
By writing this, I feel like I just have informed you their worth

Abdikafi N Mohamed
Copyright ©2010

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