Monday, February 15, 2010

River Nile

River Nile is the oxygen of Africa,
Inside the Nile is Africa,
On top of the Nile is Africa,
Living on the Nile is Africa.

I went to the bank of the Nile,
And gave a glance of a mile,
Splashing tides of water received me with smile,
And waved at me with the best friendly style;

Crystal is the image of the Nile,
That is the foundation of the pile,
Attractive and safe from heap to rile,
The Blue and the White waters in file;

What a nice of an outing!
And wonderful of strolling!
What a golden spot so captivating!
For a poet to be there in viewing!

I stared and stared at the flaunting verticality,
And guesstimated the framing horizontality,
In comparison of their high quality,
Waxes the beaming make-up of the city;

I drove my motion to the brilliant confluence,
And then Travelled by the natural beauty influence,
Hugging each other, the two rivers exchange inflorescence
Conflating like the emotion of lovers in romantic conference.

Touched by the arresting landscape of the Nile River,
I danced with the swinging echoes of the water,
Fruits of poem gushed out of me like Mohamoud Darwish,
Without my knowledge, hurled metaphors of poetic wish.

Behind my back is Khartoum,
In front of me is Omdourman,
Besides the twins is Bahry,
Lullaby of the triangle is the Nile.

Enjoying the laurite that is on the beach,
And learning the value that beauty teach
I write the shape of Khartoum is rich,
Because the Nile is at reach.

When the day breaks in peace,
And the sun rays is to release,
However sad and one is in grief,
Looking at the magic Nile is relief.

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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