Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ethiopian Maids in Plight!

Many a maid suffers in the world!
Without mercy and pixel of reward!
Loot at our suffering Ethiopian sisters!
At the hands of their Asian employers!

From their homeland hunger forced them to leave,
In a foreign country under hardship to live,
With their African talent and womanhood,
In search of a better life and food;

Working from dawn to the dusk!
Doing that bone-breaking a task!
Without respect and little pay!
Living under stress and dismay!

After all those long years of a work!
Some are kicked out without a fork!
Tear from their eyes is forced to spew!
Without getting any prop to subdue!

In midnight I hear their cry!
Coming far, far from the sky!
As they are deep in emasculation!
And longing for my poetic emancipation!

Violated are their rights!
Broken are their hearts!
Mortified are their names!
Dirtified are their aims!

How many of them are abused!
How many of them are raped!
How many of them are enslaved!
How many of them are killed!

In the name of humanity I am shading light,
On the situation of the Ethiopian maids in plight!
Speaking for them with my morality and might,
Protesting against the violation of their right!

Wonder not at I from the burning Somalia,
Advocating for the maids from Ethiopia,
While our countries are at historical war,
Because of Ogaden region in row

As a poet armed with humanity,
On my shoulders is responsibility,
I love Africa with its all walks of life,
And I am proud of its botanical hive;

I am telling the oppressors,
That the maids are mothers;
They are part of us and sisters,
They are with us forever in human shelters.

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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