Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life Lived a Lie

Life lived a lie

How does it feel to have lived a lie

Still seeking for the truth till the day that i die

The people in control are neither you or I

Our so called leaders worship the ''all seeing'' eye

Countries all lined together , UN the bullshit commity

Makin us believe were in charge of our city

Such a pity

This poem is for the open minded and witty

There's a secret society beyond our knowledge

They control everything from the newspaper to your local college

Communism,Liberalism,Socialism they all crumble

When its crazy to be humble

Open your eyes and u might stumble

Stumble upon the truth

Cuz the truth aint cute

We dont know squat about the world and the system

The system made to control our minds and our opinion

Made to destroy all form of opposition

There's no such thing as freedom of speech

These hypocrites dont seem practice what they preach

History is wrong and everything our school system is made out to teach

Everything we have been taught since birth

Is one big scam , so tell me what this world is worth

13 families runnin the course of the economy

It aint hard to tell its just like simple geometry

They changed the map and call it geography

Little kids cartoons like Disney filled with hidden pornography

It's all carefully planned and executed

This has been going on for centuries and is deeply rooted

Killing everyone whose a threat from 2pac to John F Kennedy

A disease of the mind and knowledge is the remedy

Aiming towards a new world order

This stuff is real its comin in through the border

Millions of people sent to their slaughter

De globalization

Fuck a Freemason

And these Zionist Jews

Controlling these puppets and the news..

Dont bite of more than u can chew

The system only favors a few..

Ismail Mopreme
Copyright © 2010

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