Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inventation to reflection

I try to be strategical like playing chess..
all that just fill up Noor(light) in my chest
at same time trying to focus on mine..
yeah I'm in progress to gain this worlds finesse...
praying Allah to bless my time and stop this crime..
give me a character thats noblesse,
tranquility(Sakina) i want to posses in my mind
faghfirli ya rabb(sorry my lord) for all these transgress
cause in your hand is every success...
I beg You to guide me to the actions of perfection
and never let me suppress my self or any one else
Come on everybody lets confess cause in the quest we call life
is full of stress and strife
some of us wandering blind
some of us will never find
the way to the light
im trying to call you to the way
can't your sight see the bright
yeah just another madman who like to express
Praise to Allah who relieved me from this distress
when it come to this wordgame im obsessed
And i wrote this in 20 min or less
I ain't do in it to impress
I hope im sending these words straight to your heart
Cause thats the address
My suggest is go back to your Lord
Cause the real contest is paradise or hell
Not Bentley or Ford
Hoping this a ringing bell in your head
Instead of going back to your little shell(Your world)
Reflect upon how long you will dwell in this Earth
How did you fell and when was your mom gave you birth
Yeah brother you going straight to dirt so is this life something worth.

Mohammed Abikar
Copyright © 2010

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