Friday, February 26, 2010


I bear witness that before anything else my journey started in your ovum.

I bear witness that you are a matchless mother, who bequeathed all of her properties and body-limps to me while still in existence, with the most pleasant personality; and the whole world can never replace any parts of you, let alone the whole of you.
I bear witness that I have traveled through the earth, while on your back (let the masses know that I have never been placed on baby-strollers) and in your belly like a sea bean in its shell travels thousands of miles blindly through the water and on the land.

I bear witness that you have worked harder than the most diligent ants, so that I can be the strongest someday.

I bear witness that you have proven wrong the phrase “survival of the fittest”, because I remember the day that you have put your life first in danger; so that I the weakest can be safe and sound.

I bear witness that you have protected me – better than a pit bull protects its master – from demons, devils and self-destruction.

I bear witness that you have gladly and anxiously waited one-third of my life for me to become a self-feeding emperor like a fourth-generation monarch-butterfly waits one-third of its existence to feed on spring flowers.

I bear witness that no one creature has ever attempted, is attempting or will ever attempt to tackle and topple all of my troubles.

I bear witness that you didn’t came to existence by chance, as claimed by the fraud and false evolution, but with the purpose that you will perform prayers and I was going to be borne out of your body.

You fed me, when I was an embryo and blood-clot-fetus, with the nutrition inside your womb.

You fed me, when I was the size of a kidney bean, with the food you passed through the placenta into my blood stream.

You fed me, when I was three inches long and weighted an ounce, with countless supply of life-sustaining energy.

You fed me, when I was five inches long and weighted five ounces, with oxygen that you grabbed from the thin air and supplied it to me through your nostrils.

You fed me, when I was ten inches long and with just formed eyebrows and eyelids, with special-made sustenance supplied through your esophagus.

You fed me, when I was a pound and a half, with breakfast, lunch and a dinner that you ate through your mouth - so that I can smooth out my wrinkled baby-skin.

You fed me, when I was three bounds and weighted more than 15 inches, with the right fruits and vegetables that was, in part, broken-down with the juice from the tiny glands of the mucosa – so that I can open and close my eyes in the darkest places of all.

You fed me, when I was a bit more than four pounds, with nature-made vitamin D that you consumed directly from the sun.

You fed me, when I was about 19 inches long and weighted seven pounds, with the milk in your breasts, and you welcomed me to the planet earth; joyful feeling over shadowed the pain you went through because of my birth.

You watched me with special eye when I was learning how to crawl, and you disposed my excrete matter without any hesitation.

You clothed all of my ills like the flesh clothes the bones.

You gave me the most important directions of all like a forger-honeybee gives the right-direction to its nest-mates, to the nectar.

You introduced me right from wrong when I didn’t know better than a robot.

You cooled-me-down like a water cools-down the marathoner, when I was peevish youngster.

You loved me when I was distasteful teenager.

You dragged me out of sickness with your mother-made remedies.

You even took me in and sweeten my story when the so-called soul-mate assaulted, salted and soured my middle-age life.

You were the most resourceful when there was no resources for a full-grown and aged me.

You flew me high from the troublesome past like a shuttle operator flies from the gravity-controlled land to orbit; so if you take off, I am afraid I will fall hard like when this engine is left on its own.

You raised me high from the bottom like a sea-wave produced in the depths of the ocean and rose 34 Meter-high above water level. If you leave me, I am afraid that I will falter and become fad like when this sea-wave comes offshore.

You filled me with lifelong lessons like a fully-filled gas-balloon. If you are taken away for any reason, I am afraid I will loss the lessons you taught me like when this balloon losses its air when touched with fire or other flame-causing materials.

You gave me stirring speeches and rightful warnings like Prophet Noah gave to his people against committing sins. If I lose you, I am afraid that I will be drowned with sinning like this Prophet’s people were drowned with water when they became heedless.

You have made my vast surroundings livable like a fish in the ocean. If you are taken out of my life, I am afraid that I will become lifeless like when this fish is left in the sand and out of its water.

You represent the Stork story; this Ciconiidae family member stretched out its wings over its baby to shield the rays of the sun and all the harmful objects; and it showered the baby with the water it brought with its bill. With your lead-by-action teachings, now I can stretch my own wings to my progeny and for all of humanity.

You represent the Salmon story; nickname Nimco, this creature came back to its birthplace-farm to glimpse around one last time and die, years after it has spent its life feeding on the plants of the ocean. With your guidance, now I can remember all the lessons vividly and just about this mammal can remember its one birthplace and death-place.

You represent the Zebra story; nicknamed Ayaan, this zebra placed itself between its baby and the lion that was trying to prey on the weak; as a result the mother died and the baby got to reach its full-potential. With your relentless rightful-protectionism, now I am realizing my potential, just like this baby-zebra did.

You are a symbol of the dragonfly story; this fly was able to find its way out of danger in the most difficult maneuver. With your help, now I know how to find my way out of danger and rise up when I fall.

You are symbol of Dr. Cabdalle Diiriye’s story; this doctor pulled three consecutive all-nighters to operate on his family-member-hero, with no advanced equipment in the least developed country. I am proud to say that you have operated on my life with better care than this doctor when he was replacing the valves and repairing the aneurysms of his patient’s heart.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a satisfaction greater than the most satisfied soul.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a favor bigger than mountain Everest.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a milk that no one on the milky-way can supply.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a lifelong teaching and enriching.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a lifelong clothing and feeding.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a lifelong dedication and caring.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a lifelong parental-pleasing.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a lifelong motherly-love and unconditional support.

Mother! I am indebted forever and I owe you a loan greater than life.

Hooyo! Let me be a grave for all your great-anguishes.
Hooyo! Let me a medicine for all your human-malfunctions.
Hooyo! Let me be a burning-basket for all your burdens.
Hooyo! Let me be the eliminator of all your ills.
Hooyo! Let me be the preventer of your pains.
Hooyo! Let me be a goal-keeper for your kindness.
Hooyo! Let me the buyer of your soothing stories.
Hooyo! Let me be the gardener of your greatness.
Hooyo! At least you should put all your pains and burdens on my back and let me carry them away to Pluto planet, bare-footed; you are the creation that I want to devote my life to.

If the human race were to not accept this and agree with me, then I have the rest bearing witness to this truth.

If this was not the truth, then there would have been no polar bear mother doing the massive and unprecedented motherhood work in the most unforgiving and most cruel climate.

If it was not because of your patience, tolerance, forgiveness and peaceful-upbringing, then there would have been no peace on our planet.

If it was not because of your governance, then there would have been no
ment and chaos would have erupted everywhere.

If it was not because of your schooling, then there would have been no school to school the illiterate.

If it was not because of your administrating, then there would have been no business administrators or accountants to record all the transactions.

If it was not because of your preaching, then there would have been no preachers to preach for perfection and piety.

If it was not because of your tenderness, then benevolence would have never been found in humanity.

Unlike the cannibalistic-spider mother, who ends her life by feeding herself to her young after giving birth, you have cheated death to make the ultimate sacrifice several times; therefore I am standing strong writing this piece to prove to the human race that you are the mother of all good.

I am writing this because I am prone to fault and you are always the bedrock and the backbone of my rehabilitation period.

I am writing this because you never took a fault-finding expoloration in my fault-invested life.

I am writing this because I have never seen, heard, or read about the likes of your generosity and sacrifice, before or after.

I am writing this because I want to excerpt every last energy, with no reservation or regret, in praising your priceless breading.

I am writing this because you have done everything in your power – consciously or unconsciously – to promote, profit, and put me above and beyond everyone else.

I am writing this because when I hear your name or sense your presence, my heart sinks into delightful-ness unlike any other, because you elate me beyond imaginations.

I am writing this because I am here to prove, publicly and privately, that you are the pillar of my life and you helped me prevail, with or without all else – all done with His permission, and fly away with success like a baby-eagle prevails and flies away from its nest.

Hooyo! I am writing this out of pain, pleasure and between; for the pain, pleasure and in between you went through for my birth.

I am writing this to honor your dignity and thank you for everything that you have done and have not done, everything that you are doing and not doing, and everything that you will do and will not do.

Abdinasir Haji-Bare
copyright 2010

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