Friday, February 26, 2010


I Promise you that there is no way of attaining peace untill we follow the way of the creator and not the creation.

Once we were people that were united. Our unity was blighted by our gensis By Africa we was sighted as the enemies By the west we were invited to calamties We were people excited for succes and conquer On that path we became people under bunker fighting each other Because of our gensis We became our enemies And we brought the calamity To this poor land We brought famine to our women and children with our own hand Played the game satan planned Still we advertising this evil brand Learning this hate to our children. And we demand PEACE Laughing at people killing each other for a piece of land. They scoff at us thinking we are off this world We ain't from pluto we are just caputo finish. Our heart are huge thou Full of love and compassion And the savior is above the seven heavens and earth. The only solutions is go back to him make ablution submission in prayer ask the one only for guidance maybe he will give us ambition to restore the balance between passion and peace, between love and harmony so we could put down the bullets and armory.
And I Promise you there is no other way til we follow the way of the creator and not the creation.

Mohammed Abikar
Copyright © 2010

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