Saturday, February 27, 2010

She had a Dream

Mother dreamed of a place where she
Would not have to hide under the shade of a tree with me,
Where goverment planes would not be directing flames
At women and children.
In her dreams she could see a world of brick houses,
Of doors,
Of windows,
Of little fences.
That in this world she would cook big family dinners on an electric stove
And kiss daddy good bye as to work he drove.
Mother would hum and sing to herself
As she sat in a camp draining drinking water with a scarf

'God Almighty, please come and find me.'

She would take a stick and write letters in the dirt
So that I may learn to read and write not just wash shirts.
Telling me this is not where my life started
And it will not be where it will end.
Mother was a master story teller
By two I knew the whole message of Diin Iyo Dacawo,
Knowing full well that mother wanted me to be the turtle
Taking my time with the world
So that life may take it's time with this girl.
Mother told me she had visions for me
And she was going to get me to the place
She had seen in her dreams.
I believed her and started to dream with her.
That brick house,
That stove
Even that car daddy drove.
In the senses of my mind
I could smell air that was not rife with desperation,
Hear voices that were not muted from devastation,
See bodies plump, a world away from emaciated.
I am not sure why in my visions
We had different complexions
But I knew we were going to reach it.
Now mother does not sing any more
Does not hum anymore.
Long gone are the tales she told.
But now I can write and I can read.
And for both of us,
I do the dreaming.

'God Almighty, please come and find me.
Take me far away from this life please....'

Nimo Hussein.
copyright 2010

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