Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Child

Oh child,
Although you may not have all the necessities of good living.
Yet you inspire me, with that smile of yours.
Capturing innocence perspective of life.
Surrounded by extreme poverty.
I see you playing and kicking that football of yours,
With other kids like you.
All I can do, is but wonder, how you can continue?
The energy of your spirit, is strong indeed, to endure all of this.

Where I lack simplicity in living,
You on the other hand embody it.
Making living from scraps of pennies,
Working hard each day to survive.
Walking miles of distance, just to learn few alphabets.
Knowing the small opportunity it may open for tomorrow,
Just to be shut down, by the requisite of school uniform,
A commodity of purchase, beyond affordability.

Gone are the empty promises, and the aid packages sent to you.
Consumed by corruptions and bureaucracy of few many.
Poverty far from their reach, living-large, royals of the 21st century,
Driving tinted black-on-black luxury cars, sending their children to IVY league schools.

While you never asked any much, trapped in this poverty cycle, forgotten by many.
It’s hard to ignore your struggle, without being changed inside.
Although I can’t solve all your problems, I can promise you to take the first step...

Sadiiq Ashuhle
Copyright © 2008

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