Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Protect the Elephants of Africa!

As the Horn of Africa is in distemper,
Lots of elephants are in danger!
Fleeing from bullets of hunters!
In Kenya, they are killed by poachers!

Depopulating is the giant animal!
In Africa, the biggest earthly mammal,
Is brutally shot to death by criminal!
Old in age, or young and small;

Some shoot it with poisonous arrows!
And the poor elephant bitterly bellows!
Grunting and purring with pain, pain!
The poachers shoot it again and again!

It is poached and the animal parturient!
Lactating and with an infant!
In early gestation and expectant!
While moulting and important!

Milking the young or mating!
Peacefully playing and whistling!
Cold-blooded shooting and killing!
Fleeing, falling and finishing!

In the green African jungle,
There grazed the animal,
No disturbance and quarrel,
At ease, livelihood struggle.

Gone is that heyday!
Of our African bay!
Displaced by grisly fray!
High price the beasts pay!

Along side the lake, around Afmadow,
No trumpeting calf and cow!
Rogue bull and running callow!
Nil and nay are all under the yellow!

However wild and aggressive!
Dangerous and destructive!
Slaughter it not for its ivory!
Recall it is a valuable property!

Please protect the elephant!
The wild gold of the continent!
The ever-green African continent!
Full of resources and pregnant!

Love it and love Africa!
Keep it and keep Africa!
Care it and care Africa!
Save it and save Africa!

No care and civil protection!
Individual, social salvation!
It lacks basic consideration!
On the way to extinction!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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