Thursday, February 4, 2010


Although you won’t believe me,
tomorrow will be the saddest day of my life.
Tomorrow I’ll be leaving, never to return again.
When the man that I have been married to for the last 10 years goes to work,
and my children go to school; I will throw a few items that mean nothing into a suitcase,
slip out of the house hoping to be unseen.
Take the tube, the metro, the TTC, the bus.
The quickest root to no where.
There, for an unspecified period I will wash the remains of my life away in public washrooms,
I will sleep on the floor in bus terminals,
hopping from strangers to stranger, content on sleeping on their uncomfortable couches,
With me I will be carrying my youngest daughter’s musty duvet,
in a purse that wasn’t sturdy enough to carry my baggage and demons.
And yes I have made up my mind,
I will not be returning to this life.
I cannot.
Perhaps I should leave a note conveying my message?
Dear beloveds, I’ve left you.

Hayat Magan aka Twisted Elegance
Copyright © 2010

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