Thursday, February 4, 2010

All men are created equal

All men are created equal and free
To live and swim in the river of life
A god given right, lighting the waterfall of spiritual knowledge
Which cleanses and gives life to the essence of real morality
And through the sands of time buries deep the roots of evil
Emancipation from ignorance and a good moral compass must rule over evil
Without either, our world becomes plunged into the greatest depths of darkness
Spinning uncontrollably in an abyss of hatred, greed and mass oppression

All men are created equal and free
However, as I look through the channels of history this is not what I see
I see men shackled in chains of subjugation and humiliation
While tyrannical rulers play god through domination

All men are created equal free
But there are so many lands that suffer under the dark clouds of oppression
In a land called the Ogaden this hurricane of hatred sweeps through it destroying all that may be in its path
Many see the extent of its devastation yet none come to aid of the survivors
These innocent souls, their lives dangle over the thin life between life and death
Some may even wish for the angel of death to come
We know of this truth yet we are expected to keep silent and Sweet melodies hum

Travelling through this land, blood pours becoming moisture when rains fail
Tears of infants flowing mixing with the soil and live molten lava burning, why does nobody hear their call?
Vultures feast on dead bodies strewn through the land, death hath not come upon these souls through a debilitating disease or a dangerous drought but by the merciless hand of oppressors
These savages drain the life out of the young and old, putting their freedom on choke hold
Asphyxiation of all rights and burying deep civil liberties
Governments advocate for the protection of these liberties yet give aid to this brutal regime
Underground dungeons of torture is what our taxes pay for, what a great shame
Villages up in flames, will the water quench the thirst of the child or douse the fire
They say no one is to blame but we say they are all liars

All men are created equal and free
Yet my sisters are soulfully destroyed by filthy beasts who simply take their honour and leave them for dead
My brothers slain and hung from trees , now the bullet to good for them
We shall not be bound and gagged
As long they continue to suffer, their pain is ours and our voice is theirs
As long as they silently cry, we shall loudly declare to the world their pain and suffering.

Asha Ali
Copyright © 2010

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