Thursday, February 4, 2010

Silent Soldier

I never asked you, how or why
those were questions, I feared.
Silent Soldier

You never seemed to want to know more,
those were the answers you feared.
And when these emotions bypassed us,
we simply went astray, as if the sea, never met the sky.

So here I am, vivid, and clear
Wise and tall, like the hundred years Oak tree
that stand and witness to all actions, reactions, and moments.
Listening to the brisk sounds of your hearts dismay
Wondering, if you would say, your heart’s content,
Or merely wash away, into vastness,
Never to be seen, again.

It is you, who can, or May
it is I, who sees, and never says
for I never asked you,
And you, never wanted to know.

I am a silent Soldier!

Fatima J
Copyright © 2010

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