Saturday, March 27, 2010

The agony of oppression

The images coming out of Palestine haunts me,
Deprives me of my sleep,
The children of Palestine make my heart weep,
The constant oppression of my brothers and sisters agonizes my heart,
The on-going raid on my holy site Masjid Al Aqsa enrages me,
The mothers being raped and killed tear my weeping heart apart,
The fathers being mutilated and jailed shatters my world,
And yet you have the audacity to ask why I do hate your oppression,
Why I speak out against your injustice acts,
Why do I support the infamous terrorist?
Why do I pray for your downfall?
Why do I call you evil?
Why every single cell in my blood does cries for revenge?
Why does the world enrage me for being blind to your atrocious against humanity?
Why don’t people see that you are truly practicing that
which has been practiced upon you?
That you are using the same violence against Palestine
That has been used upon you by the Nazi Germany,
And because I am not blind I see right through your crimes
And see that, which they choose to turn a blind eye to,
I see the blood of Palestinians being shed,
I see their bodies being maimed,
I see the fears that haunt innocent children constantly,
I see the oppressed crying for help,
I dream about the nightmares that is their daily dose,
and you still continue to ask why do I hate?

.....and the struggle for a free Palestine continues in the hearts of those individuals who care about the world and are brave enough to advocate for Palestine.

-Halima Ahmed
Copyright ©2010

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