Friday, March 19, 2010

To Love is to Hurt...

In memory of my brothers Mahad and Abdifatah whom were shot to death on January 6th 2010, along with Anwar Salah, an Oromo brother. May Allah grant them all Jannah. ameen.

"I am filled with agony, sorrow and pain.
My tears drop...drop...drop like the rain.
Their love I can't seem to escape,
I am bounded by their charm, gestures, and memories from a far place.
Oh! to love is to hurt!
I know death is ordained for us all,
But my brothers were shot and I got a call.
A devastating day awaited family and friends.
The lifeless bodies of my brothers were being held by many hands.
The image of their handsome faces are still embedded into my mind.
What can I do, their love is turning me blind!
Dear friend, Am I to be blamed?
It is their love that has me framed.
My thoughts are occupied by them every minute, hour, and day.
Every time I take a step in life I think of what they would say,
To hold them close to my heart, once more I crave,
But now their bodies are placed in a grave.
I hope they come visit me in my dreams,
so that my eyes would stop flowing with so many tears.
Oh! to Love is to hurt!
My pain may never subside,
Until I meet them on the other side.
I yearn for them day and night,
This pain has become a daily fight.
Did I not tell you that to love is to hurt?
I thank Allah for bringing them into my life,
To attain Jannah InshAllah I'll strive.
I pray that they are in Paradise,
Sitting next to the believers side by side.
Forever in my heart InshAllah they will be.
They're my love, forever with me.
Oh! to love is to hurt"

Nimo Abdi Warfa
Copyright ©2010

ps - please make dua for all of these 3 brothers, may Allah swt accept them with open arms, as they were among the shuhada.

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