Friday, March 19, 2010

The long forgotten Somali flag

It didn’t want to talk me first
Because it was weeping blood
Drifting from the corners
I asked what was wrong
It shook it’s heard in disbelieve
Of my own arrogant question

Almost proving my disloyalty
Showing the bright beautiful Star
Situated in its turquoise belly
I tried to claim it down
Holding it gently in my lap
Touching, kissing, and caring

Then it finally said something
It said, I’m weeping for reasons
Because I am victimized
Because I am oppressed
Because I am ignored
Because I am forgotten

For you I am deeply grieving
When those abhor me laugh
Feeling the pride of victory
For they witness me lay down,
In the hospital bed for 20-years
The uncured bruises growing up

Helpless for the medicine I need
The medicine that would cure me
The declaration of viable peace
For I’m your symbol of liberty
One you ought to sing proudly
The long forgotten Somali flag

Faisal Abdi
Copyright ©2010

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