Friday, March 19, 2010

The Outcast

A lot of times people stereotype the relationship that exist between "step" parent and a "step" child...Sometimes just the notion of the infamous evil step parent is enough to make a child doubt their intention and despise them, this poem is just to show that not everyone is the same. Just google "step parent" and almost all the posts are negative, as if all step parents are mean. Of course, no one can ever replace a mother's love and that is not the purpose of a step mother....She is just there to be there for you and this poem is dedicated to the "good" step parents out there.

Before we were even born,
Societies has labeled our relationship
As that out the outcast members of its communities
And even if I poured all the love in my heart for you,
And you respected me as your own mother,
They would still call you my “step” daughter and I your “step” mother,
Daughter you see, even though I have not endured your painful kicks and pushes,
Stayed awake at night,
Or wailed at labor to give you birth,
I have come to love you as my own,
Raised you as my own flesh and blood,
Nurtured you like my other children,
For I see the beautiful soul you encompass,
For I see the beautiful woman who has protected you in her womb,
For I see him in you,
For I see the mercy of Allah Ta’aal in you,
Then how can they depict our relationship as a burden,
How can they make your innocent mind question the authenticity of our love?
How can they….

Halima Ahmed
Copyright ©2010

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