Friday, March 19, 2010

The Night

The night is my companion,
And what a wonderful companion it is!
It sits with me in silence,
Giving me hours to ponder,
Reflect over my existence,
In this world.
Never disturbing me,
The night covers me,
In secrecy, it grants me seclusion,
I lie awake, for hours sometimes,
Sit and ponder,
Mind you, not always about the most pressing of matters!
At times it's simple memories,
Mistakes, regrets,
Past sorrows, I contemplate,
People I've broken, people who have broken me,
Words left unsaid, unspoken,
Words rushed before I could form them better,
Tears of joy and happiness,
Of past nights and days,
And all the sadness and pain,
They contained,
They carried,
Now they are gone,
Just a memory I recall in the darkness of this night.
I hear the slow breathing,
Turning and small moaning,
From dreams and nightmares,
Of the people of the house.
I think about them too,
What movie is playing in their cinema of dreams?
Are they too just pondering,
Reflecting like me?
Perhaps we are the same,
Just one likes awake,
While the other is deep in sleep.

-Bint Qalin :)
Copyright ©2010

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