Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Somali names for beautiful Somali women

Even though your mother named you sahan, suleekha, sucaad, sagalay, samiira
and your father graced you with dagan, dahaba,deeqa, ducaysanay, dinaar
and when you walk through the streets you hear, kaalay kaafiyaay, kalsoonay kuunta beelo
and they all think to themselves, tufaax weeyey tani allow yaa taabta
understand one thing canabay anaa hore kuu caashaqay

to your family you maybe known as naadiya, negi, nasra najmay, nuura

and your brothers know you as carafo, caafiya, cosob ceeblaay, cabeer,
while men who approach you try and seduce you with qaali, qamar, qiimo badan, qisooy qalanjo
and when you reject them you hear, nacaladan naagta ah ma ninkanay diiday?
know this naruuraay naftaydaad tahay

and you understand laylaay lacagta waxay tahay

that's why you stole to your lamborgini adoo laafyoonaya
dheeman labaatan kunna aad laabta ku sidato
and your lady like appearance brings light to our heritage
so when all the men pounce at you sidii libaax biciid helay
will you not learn ladanay your my one true love

and so your grand parent blessed you with hibo,hani hodanay,hanaan

and you have attained hannaay haybad iyo qurux combined
so who do i go to inaan hambalyada u diro
hooyo iyo aabo igu salaan waan ku hido raacayaaye

its true farxiyaay many women are not fans

they call you faasiqad, foolxumo, fakaloolay fariiso
they see you chase your dreams and that you choose to win
so when they say allow yaa jabiya ama jan ka tuura
juuq haa u dhihin jamaaday they just chat shit

and when you go to events ilhaanay with incredible style

looking illustriously natural while the rest of them illusions
hablaha ill xun kugu fiiriya innaba kuma gaaraane
enjoy it idilay you have impeccable taste

and my praise for you is never ending

that's why i point out certain scenes to prompt your memory
like when you walked into the party looking practically perfect with passion
and the dj stopped the music to grace your majesty
while you heard a mixture of voices mumbling MASHA ALLAH, MA'AHEE?, iyo MAANTAY INAGU DARNAYD
maalintaa macaanay maad i xasuusatay?

and so they describe you sagalay having syrian complexion

south American physic with Italian splendor
the sophistication of the french with a sort of serendipity

~ end ~

a tribute to the beautiful Somali girls.

Mohamed Jamal Mohamed (SIRAT)

Copyright ©2009a


  1. am i the only one in love with this poem??

  2. i am in love with this poem too <3

  3. amazing, thanks for the tribute bro. Its appreciated