Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life in Summary

•If you want a friend, Allah is sufficient. Yes, if He is the friend, everything is a friend.
•If you want companions, the Qur'an is sufficient. Indeed, for in the imagination one meets with the prophets and angels in it, watches the events in which they were involved and becomes familiar with them.
•If you want possessions, contentment is sufficient. Yes, one who is content is frugal; and one who is frugal, finds the blessing of plenty.
•If you want an enemy, the evil commanding soul is sufficient. Yes, one who fancies himself is visited with calamities and meets with difficulties. Whereas one who is not fond of himself, finds happiness, and goes to mercy.
•If you want advice, death is sufficient. Yes, one who thinks of death is saved from love of this world, and works in earnest for the Hereafter.The one who offers the supplications knows that there is Someone(Allah) Who hears the wishes of his heart, Whose hands can reach all things, Who can bring about each of his desires, Who takes pity on his impotence, and answers his poverty."

Lastly..if u want to Hate something..Hate the Hatred in You...

abdul a'kk
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