Friday, March 5, 2010

Cries of a Widow...

"I am a widow" - She says.
I am faced with poverty stricken days.
My children and I are filled with hunger and pain.
Begging on the streets, nothing we've gained.
We are not spared a moment of peace!
Put an end to this torture - these chaotic wars we must cease!
I am a widow left with so many children to feed.
Don't you see there are so many in need?!
I am a widow across the sea.
I am sending a message and singing a plea.
I want the world to know of my pain and fears,
of the endless punishments and flowing tears.
I don't know what much you can do now.
We have lost our property, family, and wealth somehow.
Our nights and days have become disruptive.
Not a soul here is doing anything constructive!
Blaming fingers point at each other.
What happened? - I thought we were all for one another.
Put the blames and accusations aside.
We are all one, we must stand by each other side by side.
Forgive each other and lend us a hand.
Help us in our time of need and be a friend.

Nimo Abdi Warfa
copyright 2010

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