Friday, March 5, 2010


In this journey of mine
Thinking of it
wondering and worrieng
Is the state heart of mine
At same time in this life
Living don’t feels like living
The natural instict can define
The natural state of mind
Thats only for them who got
The natural intict left
Those who cleft after their conscious
And those who don’t got it
Whats left
But animal behavior
I might say they are like cattle and even worst
A cattle is no battle for the Satan
You ain’t better
But your shuttle is better
So take cover
At same time you have be to analytic
See whats around you
And whats surrounding you
Whats compounding you
Whats influencing you
What kind of knowledge and fact are your founding based on
Let me go on
To tell you that people’s thoughts are grounded by
Do’s and don’ts
Good or evil
If I don’t or if I do
But why come people never think about there rebounding state of there acts
Why come people never criticize there belief system and there founding
Why come people never criticize thier sources of knowledge
The human being are not fair at all
Not even to thier own selfs
Thats why I’m always analyzing
Whats real and fake
Whats good and bad
But one thing i can’t take
Is our behavior
Now days we behave worser then animals
Our ways became like a carnivals
Most of the humanity
Are in a state of insanity
Same time they act so vanity about them self
Like they are royalties
So small comparing it to the universe and the reality
Where is the humble mentality
Instead of this barbaric brutality
Where is the righteouss morality
Instead of this corrupt generality
Where is the hospitality
Instead of this nationality
Sometimes I feel like I was born in fatality
I can’t complain about my destiny
It was written by my Lord
And I can’t wait til my eyes explore the reward of my lord
But til that meeting I’m praying him for strength and the winnig sword
Fight this darkness til I progress the succes or til my soul get Blessed.

Mohammed Abikar
Copyright © 2010

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