Friday, March 5, 2010

What are we achieving

I dreamed of a life filled bonds between brothers and sisters, because I was trapped in the pain.
All my life I strived so hard to gain
But I felt hopeless brothers on brothers just slain.
Another day comes and nothing change
To me this is all very strange
How do we stay trapped in this vicious cycle of pain?
When well we understand,
We acting like boys when well we be men’s,
The hope for change now rests on our hands.
See I don’t even know what are we fighting for?
I beg Allah Almighty to heal us from this disease;
I have a question why our history is filled with no peace.
Just a lot of broken dreams and mother screams, and chaos in the streets…
We got pirates in the oceans,
Women’s and girls’ raped in the Ogden regions,
Somaliland threaten to be living
Mogadishu still bleeding.
I see we are fighting but what are we achieving???

Abdullah Hassen
Copyright © 2010

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