Friday, March 5, 2010

Embrace Me...

Embrace me my love - I need you.
Hold me close to your heart and tell me what to do.
My wounded heart I want you to heal.
My pain and sorrows I want you to feel.
I felt like a nobody before you came along.
My self- esteem was low and I did not feel strong.
I searched and searched and found you near.
My heart felt contented and started to cheer.
I couldn't believe that to your love I was blind,
Bombarded with negative images, I couldn't keep you in mind.
Embrace me, for I am with you now.
Hold me close to your heart - I don't care how.
Show me my culture, and my way of life.
Share with me about your beautiful history and how our people had to strive.
Hold my hand and show me the way.
I am a lost soul that has been led astray.
Somalia- my home, I love you dear.
My cries and sobs are all for you, even a single tear.
So embrace me and hold me.
You're my love, forever to be.
Through thick and thin I'll stand by your side.
I am ready to listen, my worldly life I'll put aside.
Don't forget how much you mean to me.
You're the bright future for us to see.
My love...East or west,
you're definitely the best.
so do not give up and keep persisting,
and the wrong doings forever we'll be resisting.

Nimo Abdi Warfa
copyright 2010

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