Friday, March 5, 2010

Group poem 7: Africa - A tribute to the motherland

Africa is held hostage and being drained
She is weak and left bloodstained
Struggling to maintain
Never giving her adversary the pleasure of her pain
Always keeping a smile on her face, though her children are being slain

To this day she’s being raped of her riches
Her attackers escaped and left her in stitches
She’s well known for her astonishing beauty
So how can they put her trough such cruelty
But even though she’s living her life rough
One cannot say she isn’t tough Ismail

"Africa they say is the nation of the poor.
Why can't they knock on its door?!
They'll find a rich history inside,
If only their prejudices they'd put aside.
Africa is the land of the past warriors, the brave.
Each and every one of them was consumed by the grave.
But people can't see because they're blind.
They don't use logic and reason, and the negative images they hold in their mind.
Africa is a land filled with beauty and pain.
The words of its poets drop like the rain.
Filled with beauty and brightness is my nation so vast.
Africa is the land of the righteous and chaste.
We're bombarded with images to feel ashamed.
All they know is how this land should be framed.
But you see,
I can't EVER let that be.
It's my land, my and my country.
Call it whatever you wish - the land of the hungry.
But Africa is home and will always be.
It lives in my heart; it's a part of me. Nimo

I'm the nature of earth, yet denied to shine.
I'm the reason they hold that name, yet destroyed by them.
I don't demand apology whatever they do to me, ask them and they will admit I'm in their blood.
I'm managing to survive no matter what the condition is, and ask for peace.
Although I know where the problem comes from, I call them to address the issue
They always try to deny my right but the name is there and it will remain the same.
They call me Africa" The land of poverty" while they never took part of my upbringing
But the reality remain unheard, while i keep feeding them effortlessly
I'm the heart of those black skinned, yet glitter to shine
I'm Africa.
I know I haven't been active lately due to tight schedule and I'm really sorry. Ahmed

My Africa you are so beautiful yet so unappreciated,
My Africa that everyone imitates,
My Africa my mother land, land of natural beauty,
My Africa you are so rich and beautiful yet so sad and depress.
My Africa your children are at war with each other, why, why, why unanswered, am still wondering why,
My Africa you are so rich yet your children are in poverty and dying of starvation,
My Africa my mother land, my home land I love unconditionally
I hope and pray to almighty Allah that you will wake up one day and change for the better, and become the Africa in my dreams a peaceful, happy, proud and united Africa, my Africa which is self-sustained and self-reliant a proud independent Africa which does not need no one but Allah and her children. Jamilla

Ismail Mopreme, Nimo Abdi Warfa, Ahmed Abdi and Jamilla Dhegey
Copyright © 2010

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