Friday, March 5, 2010

Finding My Way (Part 1)

At first an ignorant among ignorants,
I spent all my days laughing, eating and sleeping,
I was no better than an animal,
But perhaps I was even worse.
I was heedless and amongst people who neither knew, much less feared their Lord.
I reflect back on those times and my qalb (heart/mind) becomes darkened,
To think of the sheer ignorance and arrogance,
I possessed;
To count the uncountable sins comitted,
Without fearing a Day of Recompense.
To recall all of the friends I influenced not,
With goodness,
But rather was influenced and consumed by their sheer evil and wickedness!
To recall the days not spent in prayer,
The nights lost of any regret, contemplation or sorrow,
Ya Laytanee! (Woe unto me!)
Would that I could erase this stage
Of my life I call ignorance!

To Be Continued...

Bint Qalin
Copyright © 2010

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