Friday, March 5, 2010


So here I'm, standing in a crouded bus on a cold winter

I have transformed like a Pokemon in a short amount of time

Memories from childhood plays, paus and then plays in my mind

It seems like it was yesterday when the transformation began

Reality hits to awaken me up and puts me in my daily plan


Suddenly. A question circles in my mind:

"Are you still a young boy or a man?"

No answer in my head. I try again. No answer.

I try for a third time. Yes, I get an answer worth a dime.

The answer varies from memories, experience and symbols

So I take a deep look at my self

Yes, hair grow on the face and down there (1)

A feeling of being in the centre of a scen plays

Yes, there is a beautiful lady coy smiling towards my direction (2)

*Smile*, *Aush*, These bags are very heavy due to the responsibility (3)

I know I candle it, Now, lean towards and smile

Got to answer the phone (ring ring)

"Heey Cali", (sms at the same time from Brother) "Where you at?"

Call after a visit, a visit after a call

Family and friends are really getting closer and closer everyday (4)

Dad starts to give more advice while Hooyo macaan starts to talk about "aqal-gal" (5)


Step by step. Get out and get some fresh air.

"Xaax, it's cold" .. Resume what you began with =)

Later on that day .. The philosopher part of my head weaks up again

"Where was I" "Oh, Yes, Am I still a young boy or a man?"

Abdikafi N Mohamed
Copyright ©2010

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