Sunday, March 14, 2010


Humiliation many have faced.
This worldly life they had chased.
Their brothers in faith called them to the rightly guided way,
But they had rejected the truth and turned them away.
So they continued to dwell in a miserly life.
For Akhirah they had refused to strive.
They twisted the truth so they could gain,
but it only caused them filth and pain.
Whenever they thought of turning back,
shaytan would purposely make them slack.
So they continued and continued to go their own way,
And someday the price they knew they would have to pay.
For one who is led astray he loses the importance of happily living,
and the poor and needy they would not be giving.
May Allah guide us all - So I pray,
And keep us way from shaytan's way.

Nimo Warfa
Copyright ©2010

*Shaytan - Satan
*Akhirah - afterlife

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