Monday, March 8, 2010

I am an Ogaden

I am an Ogaden, I was born to be.
Don't get me wrong, tribe means nothing to me.
But I see the onslaughter of my brothers.
So I make it my task to inform others.
I am hurting deep inside.
Many of my people are lined up and shot outside.
I am the voice of a nation whose words are subdued.
The enemy had a dream that they had pursued.
Colonial powers came and gave us away.
Our people they misguided and led astray.
My Somalia was shocked and horrified.
The day that they feared was here - they became terrified.
I switch on the tv and I hear about different nations,
But my Somali Galbeed is never mentioned and So I lost my patience.
Endless were my tears, and they began to flow.
In the meantime, the enemy killed, massacred, and many they would blow.
But who hears the cries of my Ogaden brothers?
I thought we were all in this together so that we may help others.
But I guess I was wrong my friends,
So now I hold my pen in my hands,
And I write and I write to deliver the message,
trying to deliver the cries of my people in every passage.
I promise that my cries will be heard someday.
I am for truth no matter what others say.
Come on my ummati, Wake up with me!
Take a good look at Somali Galbeed and tell me what you see!

*Somali Galbeed is "Western Somalia", otherwise known as Ogadenia.
*Ummati - "My Muslim nation"

Nimo Abdi Warfa
Copyright 2010

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