Monday, March 8, 2010

I am

You look at me with eyes of hate and scald me with your acid tongue
Even though you do not know me, you assume that I must be your enemy
As I speak, you analyse my words trying to find clues of my tribe
Let me tell you who I am and listen well as I describe

I am nomadic poetry spoken eloquently, embedded with wisdom flowing eternally
I am the sweet scent of shaah Somali shared between strangers who are also brothers
I am a warm Somali welcome enveloping all in love. A forever open door and what’s mine is yours
I am sheeko Somali loving told by grandmothers holding dear to these tales and watching as our culture derails
I am the sweet fragrance of uunsi in the afternoon welcoming all to a humble home
I am aqal Somali with my udub standing tall; as the mother beams with pride because for her I am better than any fortress in rome
I am the dutiful nomadic daughter tending to her adhi and at the same time weaving xaskul. Don’t you think that is cool?
I am the wisdom of axmed gurey and the courage of the sayid
I am the bravery of the darawiish and intelligence of the SYL


I see you still want to know my tribe
Ok I will tell you but hear me loud and clear


Now what do you have to say about that my dear?

Asha Ali

Copyright © 2010

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