Saturday, March 27, 2010

Justice Until Death

I hug my mother tonight
for I know not the fate of tomorrow.
In my fights and my struggles for justice,
I must speak out;
I must take risks.
I only fear Allah,
but I know not what to expect of the oppressors,
of those who squeeze and tighten the chains of justice.
I cry for the change that has not yet come and for my brothers and sisters beaten and killed,
how I cannot sleep because my brothers and sisters have no electricity, no water,
and most of all no justice.
May it be granted.
I cannot sleep in this state.
I don’t hate, but I’m on the edge of the cliff.
I shall fight and conjure enough thoughts so that justice will be an experience for many.
Insha’Allah until my last breath,
until La ilaha ilAllah.

Be Selfless & Love Always,

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