Sunday, March 14, 2010

The story of a Somali Child

there are children in the world

who look for things

that they cant afford

who have homes

who have clothes

who have shelter

who their toys are full room

who their parents cant make them happy

but what i look for is a food

nothing fancy

just some bread and tea will do

i look to study

nothing big

just Quran

i look to become

don't know what

i dare not to dream its not in my will

i am abused constantly

i am told to fight for the clan

at a young age

i am an educated

i dare not dream

now i cant become

the president failed

now hope is gone

in my twenties

i am a man

but cant manage my family

bread is no on the table

my son is screaming ,daaad foood

my heart is broken

i dare to but a road block a isbaaro.

i am not making money

the religious groups came

they took the isbaaro

now who do we fight for

my child is growing

to be just like me

this is the fall of a nation

this is our story

Sharmaarke Abdi Galbeed

Copyright ©2010

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