Sunday, March 14, 2010

A war with no purpose

A war with no purpose
We mourn and We cry
For the loved ones lost
For all the lost happy times.

A war that has no meaning
Nor a justified reason
It has not brought any good
But only spread evil

A war with no purpose
A life full of fears
hearts become stones
and eyes cant shed tears

What is left of my country
Is ashes and fire
Once so beautiful,
Now, - there is nothing left to admire

A war with no purpose
A battle between BROTHERS
We say we're ONE PEOPLE
But a Leader CAN'T BE ONE
As we DON'T see him as EQUAL
NOR do we another

Enough is enough
Enough suffering caused
Time for a Change
Time to pause for a thought

We are the future
We shall protect our seeds
Time wont heal our wounds
But it shall make us stop bleeding

We ARE the new leaders
No longer victims
Role models to children
And (World) News to the old ones

We are the future
Our Country's only hope
And God will help us
If we help ourselves

So Let us all unite,
Restore the Nations pride!
Rebuild our homes
And forever live in peace
Side by side.

As my strength weakens
Faith remains strong
To one day return to where i was born
The town i never left
There's no place like Home

And as for this war
We are all blameless
We did not start it
But we can end it
This War with no Purpose.

Profound Mind
Copyright © 2010

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