Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Young Nation

Life is life, beautiful at times extremely and at times heavy, to enjoy what I have to share or offer you must truly know me. Mere introductions don’t suffice my true friendship comes at a price, but never a burden on your pocket, I wish to trade with you for my time, good and useful knowledge.

Not all intellectual benefits are drawn from literature or mathematic, living everyday with open sensors is better then floating nostalgic, not gaining experience from living is an important class to be missing.

Don’t mean to cross no boundary this is true and not just a story, no fiction, I give it just as my receptor is receiving. They say if your not real about your message don’t share it, and if you cant handle its weight don’t bare it.

Now more then ever every second is vital, any further procrastination is superficial, long I the citizen of Africa laid in an induced slumber, while the politicians and corporations circle over me like a vulture.

We are all touched by the corruption; our comprehension is common, we are fully aware of our situation, a time for the rise under the African sun, a young and strong nation, a time to stand for a cause a revolution, a time for you and me to raise the question.

Proceeding, leading and pushing for change, discipline in our actions to give life to a pledge, to deliver our lands from the dark edge of the global stage, the faith of our people must fully be repaid, the basis of justice and equality not built on a dream, but sewn with a realistic seam.

War the African flesh has devoured and torn, physically and mentally scared the old and the newborn, like the elements of fire these words I wish to spark the fuel of desire for a better future, burdened hearts aplenty like oxygen my peoples dejection will insure it continues blazing.

Plains ravished by warlords and criminal enterprise, hearts and minds have been stained, I understand beliefs and hopes have been more then strained, we the generation of today have what it takes for public faith to be regained.

We must reassure with dignity, that we are not all money hungry mercenaries; true wealth is measured in more then just shillings and pennies, to pave the roads for our people’s development for coming centuries.

It is time for us to illuminate the darkness in which we stumble, to seize the moment and amass from all corners of Africa and endeavour on a resilient united struggle.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010

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