Saturday, April 24, 2010


Q: what is government's main goal:
to take our souls or population control?
A: if they wanted us all gone
they would've hired terrorists, an paid em off to detonate bombs
of mass destruction, then set em up, to take the fall
Q: How's the government living a lie?
A: they been committing crimes since the beginning of time
Q: how do they intend to pay their debts?
A: by preying on kids and raping their checks
Q: how much time is left?
A: plenty, if were willing to sacrifice our necks
Q: when will the wars cease?
A: never, as long as red tape can increase
Q: what is your solution?
A: put me in charge not some ancient constitution

Q: what makes you fit to lead?
A: my life has been about the arts, not greed
Q: what about the police?
A: what about em? we pay the police chief
not government cons and parasites
more like everyday citizens from all walks of life
Q: how will we make money?
A: no need to in a land of milk an honey
Q: how will we stop thieves?
A: we now have satellite technology
Q: what about invasions?
under your rule we'll feel like indian natives
A: we'll keep friendly relations flee to neighboring nations
then use nukes bought wit energy savings
Q: what energy savings?
A: wind gravity and the sun are there for the taking

Q: why is education failin?
A: kids are individuals the system's too generic
Q: is the word snitch a tool?
A: yes it is used for good-as-well-as evil
Q: why dont people talk to you?
A: i'd make em look like simple fools, this is proof
i've got a lot to say-yet to this day i've yet to be considered for an interview
Q: can 1 man stop corruption?
A: no, only those with good character and judgment
Q: what-can people do-to help?
A: stop treating themselves like products on a shelf
start usin tools an stop~bein tools, start usin rules an stop~bein fooled
Q: What-inspired this?
A: You-aint-real hip hop til-you-cop Sex & Violence!

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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