Saturday, April 24, 2010

..Apples and Oranges.. April 21st

You and me…
It’s like comparing apples to oranges
When we talk you get baffled with strong wits
This is the action to ponder before the smack of the gong hits
Cuz it seems like the captions are foreign
And your acting is horrid
So im reacting with hardness
Even though im actually modest
Told you straight up…im one of the last of the honest
Not stirred by wack fashion or car kits
So I decided to jump back and depart quick
Take a slow ride and creep in the Stang’
Blastin Hendrix cuz it’s upbeat and it bangs
Damn…cuz really there’s no leech in my brain
And because I matter is my reason to change
I have no reason to be uneasy with pain
Cuz I can breathe deep in the rain
Without unreasonable strain
Years ago I started releasing the chains
Bounded from lifes teachings in vain
And started seeing the face—
Of the earth and the seasons in pain
And im bleeding the grapes
For myself…To drink in all that’s sweet
And as the sun falls from east
The squalls will beast and tear all the falling leaves
But it does not bother me because in all honestly…

You and me we’re just apples and oranges
That’s a fact and it’s honest
Pure as a brook running fast in the forest
So where you going with that mask in the garden?

"For tomorrow...for tomorrow...."
Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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