Saturday, April 24, 2010

I still care.

This poem is written by a sister for a brother who is currently behind the bars. She wishes to remain unnamed. May Allah Ta'aal keep our brothers and sisters who are kept behind the bars unjustly!

He is the one, who is confined in a prison cell,
Then why is it that my soul feels trapped in my body?
He is the one who is being tortured…
Then why is it that my heart has deprived me of sleep…
He is the one who has lost his freedom…
Then why is it that I feel confined when I have the ability to smell the fresh flowers?
He is the one that is behind the bars,
His mind is the one that is captured in a small cell unit
being prevented to think and grow.
Grow so he may continue his random act of kindness of helping the poor…
They have placed every little obstacle they could on his path – so that he may be forgotten.
The media has him depicted as yet another fanatic terrorist seeking to kill innocents.
How do I tell them that he is no monster, and that he is no evil being.
It’s his body that is being confined.
Then why is it that my heart feels the burden?
Why is it that my soul feels confined and trapped in a small corner fearing the worst…
As I stare at this path way – I wonder how he is doing.
Is he still holding on to his faith?
Is he still able to maintain his beautiful smile?
Does he know we care?
Does he know
that I still care?
That I still love?
And, that I stay wait...

Don't judge him - for you don't know him like I do.

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