Saturday, April 24, 2010

clearly misunderstood

He wasn’t the kind to lie
Or even utter a word that slightly resembled falsehood
He didn’t make excuses like others
He stood for that he believed in
Often persisted against the odd to help the helpless
Always bought ray of sunshine for those without hope
He held on hands that were long abandoned
Remembered those who were long forgotten
Spoke for the oppressed ones
Loved those who loved humanity
Disliked those who hurt the innocent
He planned his life to serve the less privileged
Provide, with Allah’s help, orphan kids with happiness….
He aimed to paint happiness wherever he went – whenever he went.
Strongly he held on to his belief in times where holding on to one’s faith has become like holding on to a hot coal.
Today his belief is being questioned…
The world portraying him as a terrorist…
The media screaming all sorts of names and abusing his name….
I am reminded of the unjust arrests of Nelson Mandala
Who was constrained in a tiny cell for standing up for the rights of his people…
As I sit here I am reminded of legends like Mahatma Gandhi who was abused and tortured…For speaking out when it was taboo to do so…
I am reminded of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King…
I am reminded of him...

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