Saturday, April 24, 2010

.. Beginning Thoughts ..April 10th

My beginning thoughts of this, consists
Of opinions from fellow lyricist, in the mix
Viewing my status that of a newbie
Open minded similar to convertibles with the roof free
Brains exposed now I can’t help but let the truth leak
So you’ll see, how the world chose ta do me
Which made the kid 2 deep, like 24 inches below
Thinking why even arrest them when there’s plenty mo pitchin the snow

These my beginning thoughts, can you relate
This’ll show that I can truly relate
Whether you pimping, hustling, busting for something
Or killing, stealing, blooding and thugging for nothing
I can to relate, these my beginning thoughts

Anybody can spit the gun talk and a shootout
But ya aint willin to speak on what you bout
So figured I’ll lead the new route
Got poetic scriptures that express my world to the world
Soft raps expressing n stressing my love to my girl
My minds sicker then Hitlers mind when I picture the holocaust
i aint false, with no cost, I’m boss, like Ross
Can’t believe cowards run the times now
Same with rap if it aint flossy labels shoot ya rhymes down
Just so lyrical I am, but damn
My songs aint dropping like I imaged
But instead of showin hate…I wait….practice…then kick my madness
By askin, for feedback and pointers, I’m real and really on corners
Pushin shit you need to-get
I’m giving free knowledge cause these streets is ruthless
How could some call themselves a friend
When shit hits the fan they not even a man
If I can’t trust you completely over something small
I don’t trust you with lives of mice n nothing at all
Knew these fools for years they were ma dawgs
I’m going through so much at once
I feel it really sucks that such
Good people get the short end of sticks
Selfish cause the world not givin can’t help the fact I been a prick
And opinions all of a sudden the shit

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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