Saturday, April 24, 2010

.. Sunsets ..April 9th

Watchin the Sun go down,
while the world spins around,
Brilliant purple haze glazes the sleepy town
Mind over matter, I'm climbin' up the ladder
Get to the top, n' stop, I look out at Her:
The Night Sky, give it a right try, might die
Walkin the city streets I'm outta sight, high
as a kite, I invite you to glide through the atmosphere
Only birds and wise men elucidate what happens here
get up, get outta bed, spit that shit that git u fed
I'm like butter on your bread, you're the daylight shortly dead
Goin down with cancer in your dim-lit room,
Praying for some rare escape from your doom,
the scroll is unraveled, through the fire of Time you've traveled,
but now you'll feed the gravel as I prepare your tomb,
all suns must set
ya gotta lose a few bets,
I just smile and let
you disappear into the West...

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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