Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why don't they just think?

This poem is written by a young Somali girl currently residing in the U.K - she wishes to remain anonymous. InshAllah any poem from her will be posted under the name "The Anonymous teenager."

he says its my pride,
but I tell her and them it comes from way deeper inside,
something that you still ought to learn, and insulting me because I'd rather read a book and sit at home, doesn't make me a boring, lifeless book worm,
I've got something, something so much greater than you,
its called self-respect, and it sticks to my solid foundation, just like glue,
so while I sit at home, and am being pathetic,
and don't live like you called it, «life to the fullest»,
I watch the news, I help my parents, I worship god and I study my books and the next morning I wake up and I feel good,
I choose to gain from the advantage of being here,
I choose to go back to where we came from,
and help my people stop living in fear,
but go on sister, go ahead and have one more beer,
and tell me I'm wrong for being the way I am,
when one day you'll find yourself 5 meters under ground,
and you feel scared, and your waiting for a sound,
then first you hear your mother, then you hear your friends,
then my sister, you'll hear me, thats when you'll wake up, that when it'll make sense,
you think you're so much better, looking down on me because I dress modestly and not in a tight highschool sweater,
I see what you can't see,
I fight for my country to be free, I fight in school and I fight for you,
you fight for a different freedom,
what you can't see is that, even though you might not be killing other human beings,
you're no better than Al-Shabab, you're killing our nations hope, to ever succeed.
You have an obligation to this world, respect yourself and you'll have earned more than could be given to you with the wealth of this world,
Try to believe me, put yourself in my shoes,
do you hear the bitter, painful cries?
For once in your life, I'm asking you to look at the world through my eyes,
I've tried to teach you something on what life is founded, something so powerful, it keeps you grounded, your arrogance and your ignorance, will never make a change,
I never wanted to see my own sis like this,
God gave you a brain, say alhamduliah, use it, and prevent pain, there is so much to learn from, start with me, learn, learn and learn and never in my life have I ever expected something in return.

The Anonymous teenager
Copyright © 2010

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