Saturday, April 24, 2010

We are Destined

I are the cool , Son of the coolest. But I had this thought where my cool was Feeling-less. I seen her and She, she was Empowered by brainly impressions and I was Suddenly amused, then She said she’s not smart which means she’s Mind-full, Which means that left me Brain-less. See We were to destined to success. And things seemingly were onto progress, I liked her cause her moves was slicker then chess. But I am too crafty to fall beneath the astute, Mental objects that are far past from acute .She are Defining others, while I am volume to the mute. She is thinking what im thinking which means she stole my thought , But I’m a thinker, So I would out-think her.
She was Cloud to my skies, Without her I just felt so blue, as in navy blue which was really dull and so My life would be void and null. And see faith would be our only direction ‘Cause only that is clearer then correction, Both me and her, are on thought collection, As we are brainstorming to arrive at perfection.

Muktar Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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