Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 4: Message For My Beloved

Love me,
In your own way.
Don't send me flowers,
Or write me love poems,
I want something unique to call my own!
Something no other woman has received before me:
Etch my name into your heart,
Paint your love for me on the walls,
Take a picture of your affection and send it to the inbox of my heart.
Take a journey to the end of the world,
To share our love with those deprived of it,
This special bond,
Write my name in the clouds,
While never leaving my side.

Spend on me,
Not on jewelry, mansions or other worldly things,
But on the wayfarer,
The one who strives in His Way,
The Masakin.

Work with me,
In hopes of a high place,
Where the righteous shall dwell.
In the beautiful gardens.
Everlasting delight,
Let's try,
We can be amongst them!

Strive with me,
In hopes of endless Forgiveness and Mercy,
From the Most High.
We can spend it to together
If we just strive now,
In this temporary,
Fleeting life.
Why should we run after it?
It's not for us!
Don't spend a moment of grief over it
Neither will I.

Respect me,
I am your companion
Your other half.
Your sincere advisor,
That which you lack,
I make up for.
We complement each other,
Your shortcomings are mine to cover.
Like a garment,
I keep you safe from harm.
From anything which may pierce you,
Mind, body or soul.
I'm your protector
The one you return home to,
Relay all your troubles to,
Unload you burdens upon,
Lighten them I will,
If you let me.

Be true to me,
Let me be,
And remain
The Queen of your Qalb,
Doubts and insecurities let them not,
Enter my mind for even a second.
Your fond gaze,
Your loving words,
Let them be exclusively mine.
And know, my youth is not everlasting,
The beauty you see,
Will indeed fade one day,
I still expect you to love me.

O my Beloved,

O comfort of my eyes,

O joy of my heart:

Love me,

Spend on me,

Work with me,

Strive with me,

Respect me,

Be true to me,

I guarantee you the same and more in return...InshaAllah. <3

-Bint Qalin :)

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