Saturday, April 24, 2010

.. Confessions Of a Blind Man .. April 16th

A lone wolf thats' fallen from grace, nothin falls into place,
stalled in this chase
no faith, no hope, walkin down a stray path
as the days last longer then the years' we blaze past
no fear, no career, jus stayed back,contained facts, amazed that..
learnin the truth led to conclusion that' theres nothin we can do and
we stuck in this fued, but f* it' cuz theres nothin'..that weed cant do
He used to be clean, He used to be nice, He used to shoot for whats right
somewhere along the way he got confused' and drifted from sight
been in the dark so long, he's afflicted by light
no chick in his life,
and he dont know if he should listen to God
doubled up on all the shit and the strife
it's got em think-in twice Blink an it might
all get taken away in an instant right?
so its this I write..
the confessions of a blind man, no angels on his shoulder
dont complain cuz he's bolder...angles switch as he older
walkin down a road he might never come home from'

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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