Saturday, April 24, 2010

.. Emotionally Strong, Physically Weak.. April 17th

day after day,
her life is
played in a maze
school is for fools, so she
strays from the gates
never listenin to her father
yet she grows
to be like him
cuz to her, life is a game
n she fears that
he might win
three nights into their,
new place, he
almost strangled her with a
shoe lace,
she was dyin to live,
cuz God doesnt give out
two fates
knowin he will soon taste,
ever ounce n
wrath or her pain
but if she chooses to
the aftermath is the same
ya see..
she knows if she strike back
shes no better
but she aint like that
so she decides to slowly kill herself
with small doses of
white crack
starin high
not carin why
shes throwin her life away
he sexually assaults her
which, in return just
hypes her rage
but shes weak within
brain dead,
not knowin what week it is
no point in cryin out of pain
so she sits n
weeps in sin
feelin like an evil twin
she knows theres a
part to her kindness
but her mind aint straight
n her
hearts full of blindness
one day she started just sighin,
n her
breathe gave away
she closed her eyes
n slowly died smilin
cause death saved her rage

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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