Saturday, April 24, 2010

..If I... .. April 18th

If I cried at your feet, could I get you to look down?
If I cooked at the crib, could I get you to come round?
If I laughed at your jokes, could I get you to speak more?
You been running through my mind, I bet you your feet sore
This seesaw of emotions I’m operating myself
I STILL need you ON MY SIDE, I can’t make it myself
I’ve had these feelings ever since I seen you with your smile on
Lets camera FLASH & KICK it girl I got to get my “Guile” on
Till we have a child-on..the way, I’m spit at you
And lay it on in layers even after I done get at you
Girl I find it critical, the spark in your eyes
The ones to see the real truth and make me stop telling lies
If I got on one knee, could I make you accept?
If I quit the block game, would I gain your respect?
If I hit the books hard, would I get your attention
I’d work YEARS for you THEN give you my pension
The tension, I’m feeling now that I got you is real
I got to keep up what I promised, you accepted appeal
The years I want with you are far, but I’ll try and we’ll reach
We’ll cross these streets together…then the tires had screeched….

If I cry at your feet, could I get you to come back?
If I loved you to DEATH….I already have done that…
If I could move my legs, I’d climb in with you
But like you’ve always said “No Tears, No Tissue.”
But its hard not to miss you, I’m trying to look away
And turn the other cheek to the drunk that took you away
But I swear on my last years if I was in Brooklyn today
I’d wheel around with the shotty, and look for him…”Pay!!”
If I died by myself, would the guilt finally leave me
Or will I still rest with the thought of I made you believe me
If we’d never have met, you’d probably still be here
But even though you’re gone, you body is still sincere.

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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