Saturday, April 24, 2010

..From The Freedom Fighters Side.. April 19th

you call me a terrorist

i awake in the morning, to a scorchin heat
slip on my robe and my sandals wit no thoughts of peace
grab my Quran and my school books, and absorb the streets
coofi on my head, around my world, this enormous beef
try to be righteous, but there are scores of jeeps
ridin around where i live, doin tours for weeks
and it stinks, my father's arrested as a terror suspect
tortured for weeks and aint got a hair to bust tekks
in Abu Ghraib they had to tear out our flesh
throw hot buckets on our face, scream and dare the incest
and then it's in jest, just for a an interrogation quote
try to belittle our lives, tear up our basic hopes
and in our face you gloat, but you will soon face the scope
of a rocket propelled grenade, ya skin unlaced and poked
wit shrapnel, cuz now i'm pissed, wit a grateful boast
hum to Allah, ish Allah, now you approached and unsafe i hope
can't shake the ghosts, i know they see da dead faces
little babies and the women, when the lead's racin
or when the air raids missin, and the fed's placin
the blame on information missed, but the land's wasted
civil war on the rise and now the man's tracin
his steps, but now my people got revenge on the front
ready to put the gun in ya mouth, let you bing on the pump
and the only thing, purgin is your brain
my militias now goin on excursions for the same
freedom that you speak of, hittin nerves up in our brain
and now your people screamin leave, soldiers nervous in the rain
i used to be a school kid, learnin for the same
future your kids promised, but the currency's to blame
your money's long, mine's short, but you're burnin for the gain
from the oil in my country, so you're certainly the lames
all things are a lie, i see the TV propaganda
no weapons founds, ultimatums is the vandal
a scandal is on, so the war can't stop
democracy wont work, and we sure can't pop
a bottle uh champagne, till our shores get locked
this my side uh the story and i know yours aint hot

two side of every story.
ya know

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2010

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