Saturday, April 24, 2010


The night is morbid, The hours are Folly
You feel uneasy and grim-eyed, No longer Jolly
Strangely left foot paralyzes, {panic}, Cold like ice-Lolly
It is mighty dark, You're terrified, And you were un-Holy

More darkness engulfs, Excruciating pangs of Pain
Beyond human imagination,Ummi,Abihi wa sahibatihi
No one can Help but in Vain
Both legs numb now, Tears of regret Remain
You scream Mother Help! Nothing..More Duas upon you
But your lips move to chant jay-z please Entertain !

And Behold! You can't utter La ilah illa-Allah
Your life has been a Waste
No Prayers, No good deeds, You thought you were too young to die,
And now you're in bad-Taste.

Amidst tortorous pain, Your life you Remember
Slave to the devil, Consequently you pay your dues in fire-Ember
Always a club goer; VIP treatment, But not a Mosque Member
It was alien to you, Though it called you to prayers from Jan til December.

Fun was prime for you, Never thought to Praise Allah Instead
Slave of Allah, Angel of Death on your head
Nowhere to run or hide, Your time has come! Your grave is Ahead
You never took heed, too late, In a split second you'll be Dead.

...Frozen..Eyes look up..
.....Last Breathe
.......Heart Stops______
..........And Your Soul Departs....!

Ilhan Bashir
Copyright © 2010

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